Sunday, 25 March 2018

Icarus by Alan Dilly

Alan Dilly
Icarus Dreaming
Free Hand Machine Embroidery
Stranded on an island with his father Deadalus, Icarus dreams of escape.
20 coloured Madeira threads were used.

222 x157mm

This work is based on a life drawing, a quick sketch that was to remind me 
of the story of Icarus. 


Thursday, 15 March 2018

Artist's Inspiration - Alan Dilly

Drawing study of The Great Pine by Paul Cezanne - Alan Dilly

Free Machine embroidery (135mm square) - Alan Dilly

This machine embroidery is based on one of my favourite paintings 
The Great Pine by Paul Cezanne. (Oil on canvas 1892 – 6).

I went to Paris where it was on loan from Brazil and spent some time sketching it. 
Although I also made a copy painting to practice his technique, I had in mind to develop this as a piece of textiles 
I tried to follow the direction of the brush work in the original and used 17 colours of Madeira threads, as close to Cezanne’s pigments as possible.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

A fresh perspective - Kevin McDonagh

Venford Falls - Kevin McDonagh

This is one of my favourite locations to photograph on Dartmoor - not only because it is such a beautiful and tranquil spot, but also because it is difficult to get a moment when the light is "right" for all elements in the scene.  Sunlight brings the foliage out but bleaches the water.  Cloud gives better results for the water but tones down the greenery.  So I try to visit this spot often to see if I can improve the image on each occasion. I don't believe this will be the last of my visits to Venford Falls!

In the coming months I am off on a Wildlife photography holiday in the Cairngorms and hope, with the help of the wildlife photographer, to improve this aspect of my photography.  We'll see!  Later in the year I will do some touring in Germany - details as yet unplanned, but it will no doubt involve some more landscape work.


Monday, 12 March 2018

A successful collaboration

A photographer & textile artist working in partnership.

Jenny Bone & Kevin McDonagh on location in rural Devon.

Jenny Bone
After a fulfilling career in art education, retiring to Devon seemed like the icing on life's cake.
Dartmoor continues to inspire. It is such a joy to walk out on the moors and explore the ever changing landscape. 

I usually take my sketchbook when Kevin carries his camera but use his photographs extensively for inspiration and references I need for my landscape needlefelting.

There is something so satisfying about working in fibre. 'Painting' with felt adds a tactile dimension to the work. I lay down the basic composition with wool rovings onto a felt fabric background. The coloured wools are then needle felted into the fabric either using an embellisher machine or with a small hand tool. Details are added by hand and machine embroidery.

Kevin McDonagh
I have had a keen interest in photography since my early twenties.  It is only since moving to Devon four years ago that I have found the time and inspiration to develop this interest.  What has inspired me most to take photographs is the Devon landscape.  
Since joining the Devon Wildlife Trust as a volunteer, my interests have expanded to wildlife - a form of photography I am still developing. 

Being invited to join my colleagues in this exhibition has encouraged me to share some 
of the images which I have been inspired to shoot with a wider audience. 

A sheep poses for the camera
Howell Rocks (Kevin McDonagh)
Preparatory watercolour sketch (Jenny Bone)
Howell Rocks - Hand felted and embroidered piece (Jenny Bone)

Bonehill Rocks (Kevin McDonagh)
Bonehill Rocks (Jenny Bone)

Lucky Tor (Kevin McDonagh)
Lucky Tor (Jenny Bone)

View of Teignmouth (Kevin McDonagh)

View of Teignmouth (Jenny Bone)

Sharp Tor (Kevin McDonagh)
Sharp Tor (Jenny Bone)

Look out for future updates from our artists as we develop ideas & new work in preparation for our show at 
RHS Rosemoor, Devon 
16th December 2018 - 20th January 2019 

Thursday, 8 March 2018

New exhibition at RHS Rosemoor

Group Exhibition @ RHS Rosemoor
16th December 2018 - 20th January 2019

Following the success of our group exhibition in 2017 we will be showing a 
new collection of print, textile & photographic work in the small gallery.

Throughout this year we will use this post to show you ‘work in progress’.
We hope you will enjoy following us on our creative journey.

Jenny Bone
Alan Dilly
Kevin McDonagh
Douglas Anderson

Thursday, 26 January 2017

New work - keeping busy

Winter Fruit Pickers
No sooner finished, photographed and frame and it was gone.
'Acquired' for partner's study! 

Time for Tea
Started life as demonstration linocut for my students.
Printed on to material, modified and embroidered.
Only took five days.
Now finished. Just needs suitable frame.

I can finally get on with those prints I have been putting off starting.

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Freehand machine embroidery

Developing my cockerel piece

The initial image was developed as a LINOCUT.
I printed the bird on to smooth, plain weave cotton using Caligo oil based relief ink.
It does take a long time to dry on fabric.
The fabric was stretched on an embroidery loop and the basic composition 
was stitched over in black thread.

I didn't want to work with the bold lines of the linocut so the cloth was reversed in the 
embroidery hoop revealing the background / underneath.
This gave me a 'starting point'.

The bird was the big challenge so I chose to start with him rather than the background.
It's also a little easier to work from the centre outwards as you get less distortion of the cloth.
Gutermann viscose embroidery threads

Building up the background using Madeira rayon thread - very shiny.

The finished piece with close zigzag stitch to frame the edge.